Personalized Approach

Laura Klecker is an accomplished trainer​ and USDF bronze and silver medalist dressage rider. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

Over the course of her diverse riding career, Laura consistently has been found in the show ring. Sports psychology and show preparation are an important part of her training program, as she compassionately encourages riders dealing with limiting emotions. Clients in need of a guiding hand find Laura's expertise in competition invaluable.

Educated and Experienced

Laura's original focus was Equine Facility Management during her studies at Lake Erie College.


Laura's ability to understand and translate technical jargon positions her as an advocate for each horse that she trains and as a guide for the corresponding owners. Laura can decipher what might be the best possible and/or most reasonable plan of action for you and your horse in regards to management and medical courses of action. This experience provides Laura with a unique and current perspective that is hugely valuable to her clients and their piece of mind.

About Laura Klecker